Unity Lodge confers Fellow Craft Degree

On Thursday, September 25 the Brothers of Unity Lodge 130 conferred the Fellow Craft Degree to two candidates! We congratulate them on their next step in Masonry.

Worshipful Master Bergstresser had this to say about the night.

“Congratulations to the two brothers who took their second step in Masonry and were passed to the degree of Fellow Craft! We had several brothers assist with the degree and thank them for being a part of this.  Of the three degrees, I enjoy this one the most as it really crystalizes and culminates a lot of the truths and tools that Free Masonry has to offer.

Please join us on October 9th at 7pm as we review the proficiencies and explore what the symbolism of this degree has to offer.”

Unity Lodge Hosts Past Master’s Night

On Thursday, May 8, Unity Lodge welcomed back its Past Master’s as they took over the chairs for the night’s festivities. During this night, we honored some our most senior Brothers with their 50 & 60 year membership pins as well as presented some of our newest Brothers with their Bibles and Aprons. 

In addition, WM Wood and the Lodge were pleased to present WB Ron Lockwood with the position of Secretary Emeritus for Unity Lodge. WB Glen Rice received his Working Tools Award from WM Wood.






Brothers of Unity Lodge Purchase New Checkered Rug

New Checkered Rug Purchased by the Brothers of Unity Lodge

New Checkered Rug Purchased by the Brothers of Unity Lodge


During the Masonic One-Day this past Saturday, April 5th, the new rug that was purchased by the Brothers of Unity Lodge was unveiled.

This rug will be utilized by all Blue Lodges in Sioux Falls to help decorate their lodge, especially during degree work. The new carpet is high quality and can be moved from lodge room to lodge room as needed.

Thank you to all of the Brothers who contributed to this purchase. If you would still like to make a contribution, contact us at unitylodge130@gmail.com.

MASONICHIP Program Commended by Attorney General Jackley

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley commended the work of area Freemasons through the SDCHIP program.

On February 13, 2014 a registration program was held in Wessington Springs, SD. Jackley had this to say about the program:

“SD CHIP is a comprehensive child identification program designed to assist in the event a child becomes missing,” said Jackley. “The Masons should be commended not only for the creation of this important program, but the time put forth to volunteer and administer the program throughout South Dakota.”

For more information on this story, please follow this link!